• Windows 2000 x86 Operating System Playground

    Run Windows 2000 x86 Operating System in your browser!

  • Teh PHP Playground

    Teh Playgound is a PHP testbed, where you can do rapid PHP prototyping without the need to build your own LAMP stack or bother with saving files and the like.It allows you to slap together a quick block of code and render it straight in your browser, and even proceed to send that data over to a friend or colleague for collaboration.

  • SQL Playground

    A SQL database playground for: SQL Server,SQLite,PostgreSQL,MySQL,MariaDB



  • URL Encode and Decode

    Use the online tool from above to either encode or decode a string of text. For worldwide interoperability, URIs have to be encoded uniformly.

  • Polyglot Transform

    A polyglot web converter.

  • JSON to GO

    Convert JSON into go language.